Kitchen Pullout Shelves  
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2 3/8" tall pulouts
4 7/8" tall shelves
9 7/8" tall shelves

Innovative Shelving Ideas - Pull Out Shelves for kitchens

Standard pull out shelves We offer several styles of pull out sliding shelves. The most common by far is our 2 3/8" tall shelf. These work great for pantries and regular base cabinets. In pantries the short sided shelves allow you to read can labels and boxes with ease. In base cabinets the short sided shelves allow items such as bowls to hang over and recoups some of the space that is lost to the shelf sides and slides. We actually offer two versions of the short shelves to work with any shelving ideas you may have. The standard 2 5/8" shelves which work great for cabinets with openings from 5" to 25" wide. We also offer a premium version of these same shelves which are 2 3/8" tall. The premium shelves have a rabbet joint in the corners and use a dado cut into the shelf's sides, front and back. The dado captures the 1/4" MDF bottom and allows us to offer the shelves in widths up to 38". You can also order the premium shelves with a lacquer coating which will protect them from daily use. They are also offered unfinished so that you can stain them to match.  

Medium high pull-out shelves Another common style for our pull out sliding shelves is the medium high shelves. These work great  in pantries for boxes and items that are a bit taller than caned foods or on any items where you are worried about the item tipping and falling off the shelf. They also work out perfect for DVD and CD storage in your entertainment systems. Again we offer these shelves in two styles, the standard and the premium version with wider sizes available in the premium version. The standard version is 5 1/8" tall and the premium roll out shelf is 4 7/8" tall

Tall pullouts For 2 liter soda bottles or other tall items at the bottom of a pantry the tall pullout sliding shelves are perfect. They also work great for use as a file drawer. Just remember the inside width will be 2" less that the ordered size and the inside depth will be 1" less. The tall rollout shelves are available in two styles, the standard and the premium. The standard rolling shelf is 10 1/8" tall and the premium version is 9 7/8" tall.

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