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Measuring for pull out sliding shelves

There are two dimensions needed for ordering pullout custom shelving -

The most critical is the clear cabinet opening width, the second dimension is the inside cabinet depth

Clear opening width

We always speak in terms of clear opening width and never refer to the actual finished shelf width. To determine the clear opening width for custom shelving simply measure your cabinet opening at the height you want to install the shelf. For the bottom shelf there will usually be a hinge that reduces the clear opening width. For an upper shelf there will be not hinge (at the height of the shelf) so quite often the upper shelf will be slightly larger than the bottom shelf. We make our custom shelving in 1/16" width increments so be sure to measure carefully to get the most out of your cabinets.

Inside cabinet depth

Cabinet depths are made in 1" increments for our standard style shelves and 2" for our premium custom shelving. Measure the depth of your cabinet from the back of the closed door to the back wall of your cabinet and then choose your size from the drop down menu. Make sure to choose the closest size smaller than your cabinet depth. It is best to have at least 3/4" more depth in your cabinet the the depth of the shelf that you select

Mounting style

There are four style of mounts for 3/4 extension slides and two types for full extension slides.

Full extension slides

There are two mounting styles for full extension slides, base mount and side mount. Base mount is the easiest method of installation. The slides come with L brackets attached that allow you to mount the slide hardware to the cabinet base or onto an existing shelf. For side mounting you attach the slides to the cabinet sidewall using build up that you supply or to spacers that you can order from us

If you are unsure of the depth, width or mount that you should order for your custom shelving  please feel free to email us

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