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Pull Out Shelves
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Kitchen cabinet pullout sliding shelves

Pull out sliding shelving custom made here in the USA
so you can organize your existing kitchen cabinets!

short sided pull out sliding shelves that slide Meduim tall pull-out shelf that slides tall boy pullout sliding shelving roll outs

Short sided Pull Out
shelving from $63.95
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Medium Tall Pull-Out
Shelf from $83.95
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Tall side Pullout
Shelves from $103.95
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Top quality pull out sliding shelves that slide for less

Kitchen pull out shelving to make your life easier

  Kitchen Pull out shelves is committed to  bringing the customer high quality  pull out kitchen shelving at a reasonable price. If you find the same quality kitchen roll out shelving somewhere else, we will match or beat the pricing on the shelves. Some questionable sites charge less for the shelves but then overcharge for shipping so shipping charges need to be included in the price comparison. We construct our pull out kitchen shelving to last and to give our customers many years of enjoyment. Our pull out shelves are designed to hold up to the rigors of daily use handling the heavier items found in kitchen and pantry cabinets. This is the reason that we do not sell a pull out shelf that is made from particle board or solid wood. When  kitchen or pantry pull out shelves are installed and put into use, the stability of the shelves are essential since the average homeowner will put the heaviest items in the kitchen in their pull out shelves. The 9 ply Baltic Birch sidewalls of our pull out shelves creates a super strong pull out shelf.

  Pull out kitchen shelving for every cabinet in your home. Kitchen Cabinet Pull Out Shelves, Pantry Pull Out Shelves, Bathroom Cabinet Pull Out Shelves, Utility Room Cabinet Pull Out Shelves, Entertainment Center Pull out Shelves, Laundry Room Pullout Shelves

  Roll out kitchen shelving makes access to any cabinet easier and simplifies organization of any cabinet. Why get on your hands and knees to see what is in the back of your cabinet?   The problem with most cabinetry is that its dark and deep. With slide out shelves, you can bring everything in your cabinets out into the light and loading is so much easier. Today's busy lifestyle does not lend itself to looking for that pot or pan that is hidden in the back of the cabinet. You need to be able to view and access your cabinets contents easily. How many times have you searched through your pantry looking for a particular can of food and not being able to locate it. Then you end up with six cans of clam chowder because you can't find the ones you already had. With our roll out kitchen shelving everything slides out of the cabinet to you. We manufacture our cabinet slide outs from Baltic Birch, with an mdf, vinyl coated bottom.

2 5/8" high Pull Out Shelves Our 2 5/8" high kitchen pull out shelves are the ideal size for most kitchen cabinet applications. The short height is low enough that you can read the labels on most cans yet they are tall enough to keep your pots and pans in place. The sidewalls are made of 1/2" thick 9 ply Baltic birch , hand sanded with butt joint construction. Some companies use 3/4" regular plywood which has no where near the strength of the 9 ply and also wastes valuable space. If anyone tells you that the 3/4" material is stronger you will know that either they do not know anything about the material they use or they are willing to misrepresent the truth and hope that you do not know better. The bottom of our kitchen pull out shelves is 1/4" medium density fiberboard that has a white vinyl covering that cleans up with a damp cloth and gives your pull out shelves a light clean look. MDF is a green building product that has a higher tensile strength then plywood bottoms. The 1/4" material is plenty strong yet does not add much weight to the shelves. We have seen sliding shelves with 1/2" particle board shelves that weight over 20 pounds. That is 20 pounds less stuff that you can put is the shelves as the slides are the weakest link. All of our kitchen shelves that slide are mounted on 3/4 extension slides that have a static weight rating of 100 pounds and 75 pounds dynamic. Our pull out shelves come fully assembled with  an optional 4 metal L bracket system that allows for either base mounting or to mount to the half shelf inside.

5 1/8" high Pull Out Shelves

The 5 1/8" high kitchen pull out shelves are ideal for cabinets that have taller goods such as pantries. Installing  pantry pull out shelves  can be both a convenience and a cost saver. How many times have you purchased something that was already in your pantry but you could not find it until later? With pantry pull out shelves you can easily see what you have because you can slide the shelf out into view. And as with all our pull out shelves, your pantry shelves that slide are constructed of 9 ply baltic birch with a white vinyl coated mdf bottom

10 1/8" high Pull Out Shelves

The 10 1/8" high roll out shelves are perfect pantry roll out shelves where you need the most height to prevent those 2 liter soda bottles, cereal boxes, paper towels or liquor bottles from tipping over. They are too confining for regular kitchen storage but great for the bottom shelf of a pantry and they also make great file drawers.

White Vinyl Coated MDF bottom VS. Birch ply bottom.

You will notice the two choices are available on every kitchen pull out shelf that is offered. The white vinyl coated medium density fiberboard bottom or a Birch plywood bottom. MDF is a green building product that is found largely in millwork today. MDF is made from wood cleanings and is soaked, resin added, stretched and formed. It is not particleboard, it is a far superior product. The white vinyl coating is pressure applied to the MDF board. This vinyl coating protects the MDF bottom against moisture and with its texture creates a slight grip so pots and pan have less tendency to slide around. The Birch plywood bottom matches the Birch sidewalls and can be stained and finished.

pull out sliding shelves

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